Practic-diary was created to solve a simple problem; kids keep losing their practice diaries. You can’t lose this one.

Byron, a primary music teacher in London, UK. was fed up of asking children to get out their diaries, only to be met with a blank stare.

It made sense that there would be a simple app solution. After all, there’s an app for everything, right?

Wrong. Having searched and found nothing, he decided to put his limited Python coding knowledge to the test and begin work on a simple, yet useful web app for his students. practice-diary.com was born!

A couple of months into the slow, part-time, development process, the much-feared COVID-19 virus spread throughout the UK and school were instructed to close. Suddenly, as a result the app went from being a novel way to solve a mini problem to being the ideal solution for many music teachers who needed an easy and safe way to stay in touch with multiple students.